PRODUCTION - Technical Rubber Solutions


We produce technical items realised after the drawing supplied by the customer and which respond to particular specifications.

We are specialised in the production of rubber components made through injection and compression moulding.

Each product is the result of an accurate design work, study and analysis, which is shared step by step with the customer, with regards to its functionality and to the type of material in relation to its application. 

The high level of customisation of the service provided and the typical versatility of our work enable us to create products that differ from each other and accommodate a wide range of sectors and functionalities.

Our production goes indeed from frames to membranes, from suction cups to valves, and again form aesthetic components for individual safety devices to sealing gaskets and silicone items, including those specific for food industry. 

We also deal with the production of smaller batches along with stocking possibility. 


We are specialised in rubber technical solutions and deal with every elastomeric material.

Since the very beginning, we decided to use exclusively raw materials whose quality has been certified and homologated by internationally recognised institutions such as NSF, FDA, KTW, WRC. This is a choice that allowed us to establish ourselves in the market with avant-garde and high-level solutions. 

We are currently working with both traditional and special compounds like the silicone compounds VMQ, fluorosilicone compounds FKM and hydrogenated nitrile compounds HNBR. Furthermore, we deal with the customisation of such compounds, concerning characteristics of hardness, colour, physical-mechanical features and chemical resistance, which are calibrated according to their final application. 

The constant availability of raw materials in our storage and the fast supply of such materials allow us to respond to last-minute orders as well.


Stela’s core businesses are the injection moulding and compression moulding. We are equipped with a machine set of 12 presses in Industry 4.0, each one interconnected with the internal management system in order to guarantee a close monitoring of every production stage. 

Our establishment is equipped with specific machinery, which enables us to address a series of onsite operations and multiple processes, among which:

  • Injection moulding
  • Compression moulding
  • Over-moulding with metal inserts or plastic inserts

Furthermore, we provide processes such as: 

  • Extrusion of profiles and pipes within compact compounds or expanded compounds
  • Die-cutting and cutting of compact or expanded rubber sheets, free of asbestos, PTFE
  • Mechanical processing of PTFE, PVC and thermoplastic in general through the use of numerical control machines and automatic lathes 


The keyword for us in Stela is “quality”.

For this reason, we are equipped with a technological laboratory for quality control, provided with traditional and new generational instrumentation, which enables us to carry out all the planned checks throughout the production.

Our business plan makes it possible for us to scrupulously monitor every single step in production: the incoming raw materials, the stages of production itself and the final checks. In support of the laboratory, we recently added the new automatic and digital profile projector Keyence for dimensional measurements of the technical parts produced, which is able to make quick and homogeneous measurements together with a final report.

Each batch is thereby traceable, and systematic inspections are made in order to ensure qualitative homogeneity and the conformity of the whole production.


Our “low-friction” silicone compounds (with low-friction coefficient) play an essential role within our special rubber operations. Such compounds make it possible to reduce the friction coefficient from 50 to 70% if compared to a non “low-friction” polymer with the same characteristics. They are therefore effective for those components which are involved in dynamic actions like sliding and rubbing.

The constant and progressing innovation activity carried on by Stela allowed us to overcome the previous methods of lowering of friction coefficient, which required additional superficial treatments or compounds with specific incompatible additives, whose leakage created a gliding effect. Today we are so able to offer our customers “low-friction” compounds with a constant and permanent effect.

The “low-friction” silicone compounds are mainly used in the production of valves for:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Food-production facilities
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical facilities


Besides the traditional co-moulding process between several compounds and metal or plastic inserts, the so-called critical over-mouldings represent another pride of our activities here in Stela. They consist in artisanal processes in which the steps of production require a proven manual experience. Thanks to them, we are able to over-mould metal, plastic or electric parts in order to obtain more performant products.

Critical over-mouldings are mainly used to realise components of:

  • Filtration systems
  • Outdoor lamps
  • Tubular engine


In 2020 Sela has obtained the MOCA certificate (Materiali e Oggetti a Contatto con Alimenti). This allowed us to also extend our working range to the food industry, by offering rubber products which are dedicated, safe and certificated according to the current regulations in this area:

  • Valves for food packaging 
  • Components for machinery aimed at preparing ice cream and chocolate