Services -Technical Rubber Solutions


In Stela we believe in the value of specific solutions and we turned co-design into one of our main working strengths.

We work by catalogue: we start from our customer’s idea and, thanks to our thirty-year-old know-how in the sector, we help them find customised solutions, from the choice of materials according to their application, to the realisation of perfect products which are functional and effective. In order to strength this aspect, we also offer the possibility to prototype the product through the use of 3D printers.


We offer the possibility to prototype products through the use of 3D printers and the realisation of samples made of hard or flexible materials, thanks to professional machines that avail of the best technologies currently on the market. Prototyping enables us to verify with the customer the idea and the outcome of the product and subsequently correct any issues before proceeding with the series production, so that we can save time and costs during the design and processing stage.

This service implements our co-design capacity, making us the ideal partners for anyone who wants to create customised solutions.


The capacity to deliver the orders within the agreed deadlines with the customer is one of our main strengths. This is possible thanks to the company’s commitment and its operative flexibility.

Indeed, we are equipped with an articulated and varied machinery set, which allows us to respond to any last-minute orders. We always work, bearing in mind the variable “urgency”: we have machines ready at any time, so that we can manage emergencies and tight deadlines.

In addition to this, we ensure the timeliness of our commercial office regarding the completion of demands and offers.


In the face of specific commercial agreements, the finished products are stocked in a large warehouse of over 1000 m2. In this way, we can always ensure on-call deliveries.

Our operating system allows us to interface with customers’ managements, so that we can accelerate and simplify the orders and the materials supply. 

We work with companies that use Kanban and Lean production systems.