Stela - Technical Rubber Solutions


Stela is a vibrant and innovative company with over thirty years’ experience, actively involved in the area of technical items made with elastomeric as well as mixed materials. We are based near Bergamo, in the well-known Rubber District of Sebino (Distretto della Gomma del Sebino), which is globally recognised for its excellence in the field. 

An excellence we enhance through our distinctive features such as problem-solving abilities, technical competence, artisan skills and flexibility. This enables us to work at remarkably high levels of customisation, starting from the project drawing right through the selection of materials according to conditions of use and delivery. Furthermore, we believe in the additional value of non-serial production and provide specific solutions created ad hoc. 

In Stela, we turned the company know-how gained over the years into our main strength: it allows us to offer to our customers not just a complete service, but also technical-commercial support throughout all stages. Versatility, experience, reliability and technical avant-garde make us recognised partners of leading companies in several industrial sectors, among which:

We are specialized in products with high aesthetic and technological content, in customised projects and co-designing according to customer’s requirements. We work exclusively with high-quality raw materials, which have been homologated by internationally recognised institutions, and pay close attention to the energy efficiency of machinery and to the wasting contrast during all processing steps. A further plus is the capacity to also deal with the production of smaller batches along with stocking possibility.



We have always cared about the needs and expectations of our customers and we put the quality of products and services first, by operating with a quality system certified in accordance with the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001 – 2015.


Moreover, since 2020 we are able to produce according to MOCA standards (Materiali e Oggetti a Contatto con Alimenti): this certificate allows us to extend our production to rubber materials and components dedicated to the food supply chain.